June 08, 2004


....stands for Other People's Property? On the property front, I finally finished painting the dining room a couple of weeks ago it turned out awesome. The color is called "wine tasting" you can probably guess that it's a dark red. We wanted to have someone over to dinner to enjoy the newly redecorated room so we had Adam Dena over for tacos to play Cranium on Friday. It was a blast--the girls won;) We also had Ben Noah over on Sunday for a bit before we went to Grand Ole Days. It was really nice out--it's the first day I really felt summer. The sun was shining on us all day it got hot! After walking for a few miles, we dragged ourselves over to DQ for ice cream. It was a good day...

Adam I have now been working on cleaning/decorating the front porch. We got it looking decent enough to hang out out there. I taught him how to play cribbage we listened to music. We're still in search of some chairs that'll work for the space though...we hunted for them all day Saturday. For now, the lawn chairs have been filling in:( Oh well...

Last night we were invited to Adam Dena's place for spagetti dinner. The boys let Dena Amy I crash their normal Monday night boys night. I was able to check out the new place it's really nice. Adam V. likes asian art/decor as much as I do so that was really fun to look at.

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And Dena makes a mean spagetti! After dinner we watched some of Adam's newly purchased Dukes of Hazzard DVD box set--I forgot how much I loved that show as a kid!! Yes, I'll admit it...I was in love with John Schneider. Hey, he was hot with his shaggy blond hair! Anyway, a good time was had by all--thanks to Adam V. Dena.

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June 01, 2004

'Round Here

Last weekend was greatly spent at home for Adam me. On Thursday last week, I found his cat in the alley struggling to walk. She had some kind of injury but we couldn't tell what. We took her to the U of M to get help but they suggested she had cancer on her spine couldn't do much further. She had a long life--16 years--and so we thought it best to put her to sleep. Adam's cousin, who's a vet, came over put the kitty to sleep here. Adam was pretty upset about it I tried to comfort him but it's a hard thing to lose a pet.

Also, I was sick most of the week--YUCK! I had some kind of a throat thing that seems to be going around. I've been sleeping like crazy--very unlike me. Adam has been the most wonderful caregiver. We watched the Legend of Bagger Vance with his friend Rob on Saturday--well, they watched I slept through it. But Adam brought me soup medicine candy juice etc. He's the best.

Memorial Day we went to my Dad's for some lunch. We hung out with my sisters Deja my Grandma Mason. It was a really nice relaxing time. After, we went over to Rob's sat in the hottub (against my better judgment being sick recently) with Adam V. Dina Rob. It was also very relaxing. I can't help being bummed out about this weather though. It rained most of the day remained cool. Today, there's no change either!! What's the deal? Isn't this May/June? I'm starting to wonder.

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